Recycling Center CHANGES – EFFECTIVE APRIL 1, 2024

Starting April 1, 2024 there will be ONE GFL dumpster at the Village of Whitelaw Recycling Center to put ALL residential recyclable materials in.

How it works:

– Residents will be able to access the dumpster at any time

– Residents do NOT need to separate recyclable materials, all items go into the one dumpster

             *GFL will come once a week to collect the dumpster to separate the materials at their facilities

– Residents NEED to break down all cardboard before placing into the dumpster

The Village Board would like to remind residents this is a free service to them, please do NOT put recyclables in the garbage containers!

Please refer to these guidelines for a list of acceptable materials and how to recycle properly:



**This information has also been posted on the VILLAGE OF WHITELAW FACEBOOK PAGE** 

For any questions or concerns regarding the change, please contact the village office by phone (920) 732-3239 or email [email protected]

Thank You!